Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hi, this is my group consisting of (From left to right) our teacher Mr Tan Hoe Teck, A Manicka Praveen, Arjun Appavoo, Looi Chi Han, and Liaw Xiao Tao. 

Roles & Responsibilities:
Xiao Tao - In Charge of Programming of Sensors and Electronics
Chi Han- In Charge of Engineering
Arjun Appavoo- Assistant for Xiao Tao and In Charge of Proposal and Report
A Manicka Praveen-Assistant for Chi Han and In Charge of Proposal and Report

Fig 0:Group Photo with Mr Tan Hoe Teck

An introduction to our group members:

Fig 1: Arjun Appavoo

Fig 2: A Manicka Praveen


Fig 3: Liaw Xiao Tao

Fig 4: Looi Chi Han

Essay Plans
Fig 5:Overall Essay Plan of our blog and report

Fig 6: Abstract Essay Plan

Fig 7: Introduction Essay Plan

Fig 8: Methods Essay Plan

Fig 9: Results Essay Plan

Fig 10: Discussion Essay Plan

Fig 11: Conclusion Essay Plan

Bibliography Essay Plan

-At least 12 citations

Acknowledgements Essay Plan

-Make sure its short and sweet.