5.1 Summary of Findings

1) Basically, we found that all systems were able to work under real-life simulations. The systems can however be further improved by introducing new situations in the Arduino coding.

2) We can also increase the range at which the sensors respond to changes in conditions.

3) We found that our micro-servo was slamming the window onto the house. So, maybe, we can programme the servo to move the window more slowly.

5.2 Practical Applications

Our solar house can be scaled up and used for an apartment that is on the top floor or a private house (for solar panels to receive sunlight). Our product can be taken up by green energy companies and they can invest in our project and it can be put into production. The solar house can also help many people to save up on a lot of money on the electricity bills over the long run if the system is implemented efficiently and correctly.

5.3 Areas for further study

We can add in sources of renewable energy like water harvesting system and wind turbine system, and other systems like a biometric thumbprint scanner in the future.

By using a water harvesting system, we can use a dynamo so that when water flows in, the dynamo will be spun and electricity will be generated while water can be stored for other usage. This means that there will be more sources of renewable energy for different situations like rainy weathers when the solar panels do not work.

By using a wind turbine system, we can also use a dynamo so when there is a lot of wind, the wind turbine will turn towards the wind and the wind will spin the dynamo, resulting in a lot of energy generated. The energy is renewable and it can be used to substitute the solar panels during rainy weathers when there is a lot of wind.

We can also add in the biometric fingerprint sensor for an add on security feature. The person will be able to walk out or in conveniently and the power supply will be cut off to systems like fans and lights when the person is out. There will be no hassle and the person do not need to worry about electricity being wasted when he or she is outside.

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